About Me

Our daily lives are made up of a multitude of stories, each unique to the person they belong to.  I take my camera to capture these stories, whether they are professional or personal, and turn them into images that last forever.

My studio is by appointment only, so please contact me and arrange a time that fits into your life. I look forward to meeting you!

My Background in Photography

With pictures, not words, is how I love to communicate, and for more than ten years visual storytelling has been my passion.
I started off in design, both 2 & 3D, but soon found that people, not just things, were really at the heart of the stories I wanted to tell.
So in 2012 I took the step to go back into education and studied photography and for two years I learned how to hone my craft, and discovered my talent in making people feel comfortable and relax, allowing me to see the ‘real’ them.
Once certified a professional photographer the next logical step in my own life story was to go out on my own and found my own company: Etaoin Doyle Photography.
After two years on focusing on personal stories, like weddings, I discovered that business storytelling has just as much importance in a person’s life and decided to readjust my gaze.
Now my goal is to capture all of those unique moments that encapsulate a chapter in someone’s life, both business and personal, with my camera. A sudden burst of laughter, a shy glance, a serious look, a stolen kiss, a corporate headshot, or proud product presentation are all parts of the story that make up a person’s life.

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